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i don’t think we talk about this enough

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"I am trained as a film-maker. There is nothing else I can do."

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In Celtic mythology and religion, Cernunnos (also called “The Horned One”) is a Celtic god of fertility, life, animals, wealth, and the underworld.

Cernunnos was worshipped all over Gaul, and his cult spread into Britain as well.
He is depicted with the antlers of a stag, sometimes carries a purse filled with coin.

The Horned God is born at the winter solstice, marries the goddess at Beltane, and dies at the summer solstice. He alternates with the goddess of the moon in ruling over life and death, continuing the cycle of death, rebirth, and reincarnation.

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On this sacred day in 1946, the Pope Of Trash was born. Happy Birthday to my personal hero John Waters . Now everyone do something filthy to celebrate.

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Most anticipated Movies of 2012 - Prometheus

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